Final FALL 2009 Share

This week’s share is:

4 Radish
1.5 lb Greens
1.5 lb Beets
1.5 lb. Carrots
1 Cabbage
5 Turnip
1 lb Potato
1 Kohlrabi

A note from the farm:

As the season wanes and the fields become bare, we begin to look at a time when we, who have toiled all spring and farm employees, can take a little time off. Many of us have worked 10-14 hours day in and day out yet have mixed emotions as the gloomy part of the year begins with its long nights and short days. We are already yearning for spring but much awaiting the slower times of December through February.

In a few weeks the guys will go home to Egypt to eagerly awaiting family and they are waiting to go home where it is sunny and warm.

Martha and D’Ag who organized the CSA activities and then some, have made this not so easy season a success. Martha will leave us with a whole different perspective on the food system and will be able to reflect on her journey here and impart a view colored by her city and country experiences. I can’t wait to read her blog once I slow down.

In the mean time you can find us at our markets at Union and Tompkins until we too can take a rest in December. Thanks for your unwavering support.